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  • What is cause and best treatment for TMJ?

    Oct 9

    2 weeks ago I had a couple of cavities filled. My dentist gave me shots in the back of my mouth on both sides. The right side did not get numb so he gave a second shot on the right side. Three days later I called my dentist because my jaw was "locked" on the right side. I could barely open my mouth, only about a finger width. I thought the shot had not worn off and caused this problem, but my dentist said it was not the shot, it is a condition called TMJ. Caused by grinding my teeth at night and or opening my mouth too wide during the dental procedure. He said I should take 4 Advil every 8 hours and if that didn’t work, I needed a cortisone shot from an oral surgeon. It’s been over 2 weeks and the jaw is still locked. Although I can open a little further now, about a finger and a half width. Can a shot cause this TMJ? How can I get rid of it? I don’t want to get another shot. But will if it actually works.

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