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    Mar 10

    If you live on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, there are several TMJ dentists and TMJ treatment centers that you can choose from.

    In Victoria, BC dentist Dr. David Babin and his dental team are trained in the identification of temporomandibular joint disorder symptoms and can provide Vancouver Island residents with dental treatments that will alleviate the pain from this condition.

    Roper Aethestic Dentistry in Campbell River identifies the source of your misaligned bite and then designs a personal therapy program in order to alleviate the TMJ symptoms and restore a healthy biteto his clients.

    At Downtown Dental in Vancouver, the staff suspects that most facial pain and headaches are muscular in nature. It has been discovered that most headache sufferers clench and grind their teeth at nighttime while they are sleeping. Dr. Drance was the first in Vancouver to use the elegant and small NTI device that has been successful in eliminating many people’s suffering.  This office has been able to help about 80% of those clients who suffer from migraine headaches, which are difficult to treat, by reducing the symptoms. Dr. Drance has been interviewed about his use of this NTI device on Canada AM.

    Oceanside Dental Spa in Campbell uses a series of non-invasive tests involving measurements of the jaw muscles when in motion and at rest, computerized jaw tracking.  This heps the staff determine the optimal and most comfortable position of the jaw, and confirm whether or not the bite is a contributing factor to pain.

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