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  • TMJ (TMD) and sleep Bruxism associated with OSA. Diagnosis and Treatment explained by Dr. Simmons

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    Oct 2

    TMJ or Temporal Mandibular Joint Dysfuntion, as a cause for pain and headaches, affects millions each year. This common problem (TMJ) is caused by clenching and grinding the teeth, typically while asleep. Research conducted by Dr. Jerald Simmons and Dr. Ronald Prehn has demonstrated that bruxism during sleep functions to open up the airway and improve breathing. Dr. Simmons explains that people brux during sleep in an attempt to open up the airway and improve obstructive breathing, such as that seen in people with Obstructive Sleep Apnea. When Dr. Simmons has treated TMJ patients with treatments for OSA, such as CPAP or dental appliances (TAP or other mandibular advancing devices), their TMJ symptoms resolve. Many of these patients can not be placed on a mandibular advancing dental appliance initially. because of the inflammation in the TMJ. Once this improves by using other methods, such as CPAP, then a mandibular advancing appliance can be used successfully. The physiology of this has been demonstrated and is explained by Dr. Simmons in this video.

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