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    Mar 2

    If you are suffering from TMJ, one possible treatment option for TMJ is the use of a TMJ splint which is covered in this article.

    What Is A TMJ Splint?

    A TMJ splint is sometimes called a TMJ appliance or TMJ mouth guard. While these sound good in theory, well over half of the wearers of these splints, feel no pain relief. Some even feel worse!

    This is because of the many different causes of TMJ. It’s still sort of a mystery of what causes TMJ, and how to cure TMJ. In most cases, if you have TMJ because of a trauma to the face, these splints will do no good.

    Furthermore, many TMJ sufferers have crooked bites. This was my case too. Because you have a crooked bite, your jaw doesn’t open or close properly, causing weakening of the TM joint and muscle spasms and pain. Using a TMJ splint doesn’t fix the cause! The cause is the crooked bite, the pain is the effect. Using a splint only holds the mouth open for long periods of time bringing some pain relief. This is like using a band-aid on a compound leg fracture.

    For those folks that have arthritis in that join because of long term TMJ, then a TMJ splint will only worsen the effects and cause even more pain. What will happen over the long term is that it will become painful to close your mouth! Imagine walking around all day with your mouth half open.

    While these TMJ splints provide some relief, I think they are hurting more than they are helping. After using one myself, it only provides temporary relief and doesn’t fix the CAUSE of TMJ. Fix the cause of TMJ and your pain will go away for good.

    Author: David E. Miller

    Do you ever lay awake in bed at night because of your TMJ pain? I remember just wanting my wife to shoot me because nothing I did would stop the constant pain. It even hurts to chew food! Luckily, I found a few things that relieve the pain, and can actually reverse the damage to the TMJ joint. Visit my site for pain relieving exercises and get your life back!

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    Using TMJ Splints

    Using a TMJ splint, which is commonly a custom acrylic appliance, fits over your upper teeth and directs your lower jaw to rest in a more favorable position allowing your system to recover to a healthier condition.

    TMJ Proprioceptive Occlusal Splints

    This handout provides a great reference for mandibular and maxillary splints and the benefits of both. We have now added discussion regarding permissive and directive splints and the considerations that need to take place before usingthe device.

    Treatment of TMJ

    Anti-inflammatory medicines and oral splints to prevent teeth clenching and grinding can also be prescribed by doctors.

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