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    Feb 4

    TMJ RELIEF! THIS CAN HELP YOU! I have had a TMJ issue for the past 3 years. I have been diagnosed and treated by over 7 different doctors ranging from Family Doctors, multiple Dentists to Oral Facial pain specialists and Surgeons. I have had Cat Scans and an MRI. My TMJ diagnosis has been confirmed with no results for a cure. I have not had any surgeries. I have read many books and articles regarding TMJ. Now the good news. I still have TMJ with the limited opening but have taken my pain levels from 90% all the time to almost 1% very occassionally. I have done most of this on my own by doing a few simple things. Facial and head pain with TMJ can be unbearable at times. I hope the following advice can help you. I have managed the pain by not trying to force the opening further than what I can do. Forcing the opening past it’s current limit is where all the pain starts. I also noticed that if I yawn or hear my jaw pop from opening too far within an hour that is when there is the most facial and head pain from the popping of the bones together. When you yawn put your hand on your chin and try to keep your mouth almost shut. When you eat try to chew in up and down motion with small bites. Everytime your jaw pops you are adding pain. If I do not force the opening and yawn easily without popping the jaw I have limited my pain the past two years to where I do not need any pain medication or any type of pain reliever. I even wore a nightly mouthguard for the 1st two years and

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