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    Sep 28 http TMJ Symptoms or signs symptoms of TMJ can be any: Jaw pain TMJ headache TMJ ear pain or discomfort ringing in ear fullness in the ear and any pain associated with the face area. The following are the more common Signs symptoms of TMJ or TMJ Symptoms: Jaw pain: That can be pain typically in the mandible (lower jaw) and just in front of the ear (The temporomandibular joint area). People can also have jaw pain in the upper jaw (the maxilla). But that pain can sometimes be mistaken as sinus issues and vice versa. You’ll need to see your Dentist to rule out any Tumors and cysts which do occur occasionally, and to check for infection in the Jaw bone which are usually related with teeth. Clicking and/or popping: The more common clicking or popping is the meniscus or disc in the Temporomandibular Joint when it stays forward and inside of it’s regular place in the TMJ Capsule or Joint. When this happens, it is a common irregularity in the function of the joint or TMJ. Typically when someone has a slipping, clicking, or a popping disc, it is Irreversible, and will always slip out, pop, click and dislocate for the rest of your life. It is a rare case that we can cure, or recapture the disc from displacing or popping like that. Sometimes people come in to me for a TMJ exam and report TMJ Symptoms that there is a popping in the joint when it is a natural or normal popping when the individual opens their mouth wide. So, if you have a “Bump” or a popping when you

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