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    Mar 22

    massagenerd: facebook facebook Group: istardom: linkedin: massageblogger: Twitter youtube: From: I like watching the stretching videos…stretching is one of my favorite things to do. I have some pretty serious TMJ problems on the left side of my jaw and face. It went away for a month, but it’s slowly starting to come back and I can’t live with that pain again. Do you have any suggestions for stretching or anything to possibly help that? I’m going to be honest here in that my chiropractor isn’t helping in that area at all. The pain went away on it’s own…and some of the things she’ll do to me make it hurt even when it wasn’t. I’ve been a life long sufferer of headaches and if you have any tips that may help me I would appreciate that, especially as I’m going to be going into a pretty stressful field in the next few years with school and then finally working. Thank you for anything you can give me,

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