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    May 25

    TMJ headaches: The two more common types of headaches are Migraine and Tension Headaches. I can’t help you out much with Migraine headaches, although sometimes people are misdiagnosed with Tension headaches as Migraines. So, there still is hope if you have a “Headache”, that you can be cured of your headaches with TMJ Therapy So, I’d recommend you rule out the Tension headache and treat it with TMJ splint therapy to see if it helps. If it doesn’t, then continue with the Migraine Treatment. You can treat the TMJ Headaches as a Tension headaches, because that’s what they are….Tension Headaches. Treat them with Dental appliance. Ringing in Ears: This is Tinnitus, and the ringing in Ears can be caused by several different ways. But when my TMJ patients come in for treatment with their TMJ Jaw Pain, the Ringing in Ears go away just about every single time. So, it sure is a good idea and recommendation to treat your Tinitus with a Dental TMJ Appliance. Lock Jaw: That’s when you can’t open your mouth much past one finger width if you try to put your finger in your mouth when it is locked shut or when you can’t open it. There are Two common TMJ Symptoms of Lock Jaw… A True Lock Jaw when your TMJ disc is stuck in a position preventing your joint from junctioning properly. That is when your Jaw muscles are in a spasm and just won’t let you open your mouth. Either one can be treated with a TMJ Splint. And the second is Trismus You really don’t want to mess around with trying to

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