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  • Is it dangerous to have mouth surgery with TMJ?

    Apr 25

    I have TMJ on both sides of my jaw which is this crackling noise when i open and close my mouth. Its this piece of gland in our jaws and it came off. I had my two wisom teeth taken out on my right side. I was asleep when they did it so i dont know how wide they opened my jaw. But when i woke up my jaw was so sore which is probably normal but its the been 5 days since they had taken it out and its still a little sore. I can open my mouth much wider now but not as wide i as i did b4 i had the surgery. When i open my jaw only my left side makes the cracking noise but my right side doesnt and im scared now. And im having an appointment tommorrow so i just wanted to see what u guys might think. The doctor said he is going to take out my 2 left wisdom tooth also after my right side heals, and im not sure if thats a good idea since i have TMJ or is it? Thanks for the responses.

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