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    Dec 4

    The Truth About TMJ includes 43 TMJ videos of TMJ Exercises and stretches of the Physical Therapist who he refers his TMJ patients to for TMJ exercise therapy. His physical therapist shows the patient in the videos how to perform the exercises, so you’ll be able to copy and follow along exactly without guessing how to do the exercises. As bonuses, included with the videos is the “Truth About Mouth Guards” ebook, audio of the TMJ ebook and more. The videos in this product are a huge plus to apply the information you purchase to help you eliminate your TMJ pains. This ebook covers exactly the foods to avoid, the causes and treatments to get out of pain fast. It reveals the only TMJ mouth guard available today that actually works which does NOT cause any more TMJ problems, unlike most all of the other mouth guards available. The Truth About TMJ ebook has all the info you need to discover the real cause of your TMJ pains. In fact it has a TMJ online Exam with 109 questions to help direct you to the real cause of your TMJ symptoms that you complete in Chapter 4. The exam is patterned after his TMJ exam that he does in his private practice for his patients. The online exam helps direct you to discover the causes of your TMJ. In addition, for FREE, You can email the Doctor or call him by phone with any questions you have concerning your TMJ therapy. You can print the exam on paper to complete, or just complete it online to be saved in your private account on the TMJ University

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