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    Nov 9 http Causes of TMJ Causes of TMJ are many.There are primary or main factors and there are not so main factors that cause TMJ. I wanted to say secondary in there, but as you will see, it’s difficult to categorize them here…Here they are. Tooth Grinding: Of the many causes, Tooth Grinding is the main, biggest, and most common Cause of TMJ. But hold on a moment…What causes Tooth Grinding? Nutrition: Occasionally, it’s a nutritional factor such as partaking (eating or drinking) too much caffeine and/or Nutrasweet. Any one of the Headache trigger foods identified by the National Headache Foundation can cause TMJ. Bad Bites: Bad bites is one of the common causes of TMJ jaw pain. I probably make recommendations to correct my patients’ bite about 20-25 percent of the time. Stress: Stress is the number one cause of TMJ Symptoms. That stress causes tension in the head/jaw muscles and clenching. Trauma: If a person has had any whiplash event or accident, that can contribute to TMJ symptoms. TMJ Braces or Recent Dental Work: I dared to say it, but it is possible. Yes, I have treated patients with TMJ symptoms that were caused by sitting in the Dental chair. Exercise: Mostly it is due to a “Lack of exercise” that can bring on TMJ problems. Medical problems: The most common medical problem that can cause TMJ pain is neck and back problems. Also, the shoulder problem can contribute as well. More information. Visit:

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