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    Jun 22 Neuromuscular Dentistry Treating TMJ/TMD — Beverly Hills and Los Angeles Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on the relationship between your jaw position, the jaw muscles, and the nerve tissue surrounding the jaw. Cosmetic dentist David S. Frey, DDS uses neuromuscular dentistry to treat TMJ disorders in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area patients. The temporomandibular joint ( TMJ) is the main jaw joint. This joint is prone to developing a dysfunction or disorder, causing pain throughout the jaw, face, head, and even neck and shoulders. Although TMJ is the actual jaw joint, the acronym is often used to describe the syndrome or disorder. More appropriately, TMD is used, but the two are often interchanged freely. TMJ/TMD can cause not only pain and discomfort, but also a slow erosion of the teeth. When the jaw is misaligned, teeth may become worn or chipped. Neuromuscular dentistry can relax the jaw muscles, allowing the upper and lower jaw to properly align. Common Symptoms of TMJ/TMD That Can be Treated with Neuromuscular Dentistry TMJ has numerous symptoms. Dr. Frey utilizes neuromuscular dentistry to help his Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area patients find relief from: * Headaches * Facial pain * Jaw pain * Neck and/or shoulder pain * Popping or clicking of the jaw * Worn or chipped teeth * Limited jaw movement * Ringing in the ears Unfortunately some patients do not realize that the pain and discomfort that they are experiencing is due to TMJ

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