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  • 7 Weeks Post-Op Botox Treatment: Bilateral TMJ Total Joint Replacement

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    May 5

    PLEASE VISIT ABBYSTMJJOURNEY.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION ON MY TMJ AND SURGERIES AND TO FOLLOW MY RECOVERY FROM TOTAL JOINT REPLACEMENT SURGERY. I currently have a special “live Q&A” going on, so if you go to and leave a “Comment” with your TMJ-related question(s), I guarantee that you will get a thorough answer to your question from me in a “Reply” within 24 hours of your post. So please, check it out!! Today, I had two vials of Botox injected into different muscles around my TMJs to help stop the muscle spasms that have been a problem lately. I am now exactly 7 weeks post-op my bilateral TMJ total joint replacement, which was on August 9, 2010. The surgery was performed by Dr. David Hoffman, who is affiliated with Staten Island University Hospital. He has performed all of my TMJ surgeries since my TMJs were initially injured during my wisdom teeth extraction in January 2007. Along with the joint replacement surgery I had in August, I have had four other surgeries (all performed by Dr. Hoffman) and around ten additional surgical “in-office” procedures (all performed by Dr. Hoffman with the exception of two procedures, which were performed by my local oral surgeon in DC). Please visit for more info; many people who are considering or getting TMJ replacement find the site very helpful as it shows a realistic recovery process. Also, please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions, messages, comments

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