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  • 4 Weeks Post-Op: Bilateral TMJ Total Joint Replacement Surgery

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    Mar 22

    Please visit to read my blog and learn more about my experiences with TMJ surgery. Some brief information… I had bilateral total joint replacement of my TMJs, or jaw joints, on Monday, August 9th. I was in the hospital for four nights, mainly for pain management, and returned to my surgeon in Staten Island, NY eight days after surgery to have my stitches and fixation screws removed. My surgeon is Dr. David Hoffman with Staten Island University Hospital (I highly recommend him if you are in need of a TMJ surgeon, a 2nd opinion, etc. and within driving distance of Staten Island; he has been worth the 4-hour drive for me!). My surgery was exactly four weeks ago, and I am already enjoying the benefits of what is obviously going to be a good outcome. Unlike before the surgery, I can last through a full day of school, go out with my friends, etc, etc., and along the way, I just have to make some slight “adjustments” to accomodate my recovery. My life now revolves around spending time with friends and being a teenager rather than being in pain. I truly feel that through this surgery, Dr. Hoffman gave me a piece of my life back. For more info on my TMJ and to follow my “journey,” please visit Also, if you are considering any type of TMJ surgery, have any TMJ-related questions, etc., please e-mail me at I will get back to you eventually!

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