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  • Mar 31

    Leading Practitioner discusses TMJ and Craniofacial Symptoms and Treatments

  • Mar 29

    My jaw is locked up on one side, I have Tmj , May jaw is also swollen some from having 2 wisdom teeth taken out on the other side. Any ideas on how to make it loosen up?

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  • Mar 29 TMJ Pain better help Pillow Best prevent shifts perfectly Sleep memory Foam pain Body moves Do you suffer from TMJ pain? Is the pain sometimes so intense, that it is impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position. (TMJ) reacts from the joint where the mandible (the lower jaw) joins the temporal bone of the skull, immediately in front of the ear on each side of your head. A small disc of cartilage separates the bones, much like in the knee joint, so that the mandible may slide easily; each time you chew you move it. But you also move it every time you talk and each time you swallow (every three minutes or so). It is, therefore, one of the most frequently used of all joints of the body and one of the most complex. To accommodate such forces and to prevent too much wear and tear, the cartilage between the mandible and skull normally provides a smooth surface, over which the joint can freely slide with minimal friction. However, most people that suffer from TMJ pain is a result of displacement of the cartilage disc that causes pressure and stretching of the associated sensory nerves. If you habitually clench, grit, or grind your teeth, you increase the wear on the cartilage lining of the joint. Chewing gum, Stress, teeth that do not fit together properly (improper bite), malpositioned jaws, and arthritis, can also lead to TMJ pain. Some symptoms are: * Ear pain * Sore jaw muscles * Temple and cheek pain * Jaw popping and clicking * Locking of the Jaw

  • Mar 27

    TMJ exercises that we recommend for our patients at Kinetic Health.

  • Mar 27

    Please give me any hints, tips, suggestions, remedies that you know of for TMJ that work. I have facial soreness, muscle soreness, pain under my eyes, and I do not want to get surgery for it. Thanks.

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  • Mar 25

    This video describes the causes of TMJ as well as the treatment dental professionals use to treat this condition. Dr. Anthony Mobasser, (310) 550-0383,

  • Mar 25

    In the middle of the night I woke up and when I moved the bottom of my jaw to the left I could feel the bones pop and go back in place when I moved my jaw to its original position. It just happened all of a sudden! Up till now my jaw does lock, but I don’t feel it pop like it did. It still does pop and it hurts.

    My mom told me I have TMJ and started listing family members (including herself) that have it.

    What is TMJ and what does the dentist do about it?

  • Mar 22

    massagenerd: facebook facebook Group: istardom: linkedin: massageblogger: Twitter youtube: From: I like watching the stretching videos…stretching is one of my favorite things to do. I have some pretty serious TMJ problems on the left side of my jaw and face. It went away for a month, but it’s slowly starting to come back and I can’t live with that pain again. Do you have any suggestions for stretching or anything to possibly help that? I’m going to be honest here in that my chiropractor isn’t helping in that area at all. The pain went away on it’s own…and some of the things she’ll do to me make it hurt even when it wasn’t. I’ve been a life long sufferer of headaches and if you have any tips that may help me I would appreciate that, especially as I’m going to be going into a pretty stressful field in the next few years with school and then finally working. Thank you for anything you can give me,

  • Mar 22

    I’ve spent over 00 out of pocket to cover treatments and doctor visits for my TMJ problem. Can I claim this on my taxes and get money back?

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  • Mar 20

    TMJ Dysfunction is jaw pain or jaw clicking. Learn some self care techniques from Jason at JASE Therapy in Chicago!

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