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  • 12 Weeks Post-Op: Bilateral TMJ Total Joint Replacement

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    Dec 10

    On Monday, Nov. 1, I saw Dr. Babak Arvanaghi at the Pain Management Institute of Washington in Bethesda, Md. ( It was probably one of my most successful, efficient doctor’s appointments. Although Dr. Arvanaghi didn’t give me the “bum’s rush,” he was able to go over his plan and listen to all of my concerns in less than half an hour. He is becoming the prescriber of ALL of my TMJ-related medicines, so I left the office with a huge pile of prescriptions (we didn’t need to fill most of them yet, though). Although he is not a “fan” of all of my meds, he didn’t want to change up my pain management regimen too much, so he actually only made one change. Rather than taking Valium/Diazepam and Flexeril/Cyclobenzaprine, I will be taking Baclofen, along with Flexeril. Unlike Flexeril and Valium, I take the Baclofen three times a day, rather than taking it in the spur of a muscle spasm or every 4-6 hours “as needed.” So far, so good, with the Baclofen, because it’s practically eliminated my muscle pain! You can read more about my with Dr. Arvanaghi and new “plan” for pain management on my blog: Feel free to e-mail me at and please check out my site to follow my recovery from bilateral total TMJ replacement at

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