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  • 11 Weeks Post-Op: Bilateral TMJ Total Joint Replacement Surgery

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    Apr 17

    Unfortunately, my recovery seems to be going in a bit of a downward direction, as my pain is worse than ever and my muscle spasms are so bad that my jaw locking has returned. However, I have very high hopes that the new pain doctor I will be seeing on Nov. 1 will have some tricks up his sleeve to get me out of this pain. My problem seems to lay all in one muscle: the temporalis. Turns out, it is huge! Not only does it cover the temple area, but it’s also higher up on the head, and then loops down under the cheekbone. The part of the muscle under my right cheekbone has been my Achilles heel…the pain is out of control. The muscles have been getting so tight from spasms that I have actually been having episodes of jaw locking – purely from the muscle problems. Yet, the jaw locks are different that my pre-surgery locks, which were all locked-shut or locked-sideways lock; none of them were locked-open locks. All of the locking I have been getting has been my jaw locking open…it is so strange, and so, so uncomfortable! On a more positive note, I was just put on an “awakeness” medicine – Nuvigil – which will help mask the not-so-fun side-effects of my nerve medications (grogginess, memory loss, problems focusing, etc.). The medicine is technically for narcolepsy, but is commonly prescribed for off-market uses like in my case, and even more so for people working day and night shifts with “Shift Worker Syndrome.” I took my first dose today and while hard to tell, it seemed to

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